BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Father's Violin by John Hope

World War II has always been a source of such tremendous fascination for me, not just because my grandfather served in the American Infantry on D-Day, but because it's so incredibly hard for me to fathom a a time in which people were so horrible to each other on such a grand scale. Not that these modern times are filled with peace and love, but to read about events such as those suffered by the characters in this novel are practically unthinkable. War isn't hell. It's worse.


My Father's Violin is a succinct tale of the healing power of music, even in the bleakest of times. It's also a story of family and friendship and how all of it became ripped apart by war. The writer offers flashbacks of the main character's life, which serve as an effective contrast to how bad things have become. More than anything, this novel (novella?) is a bleak demonstration of how much war effects the most helpless among us--children. It's pretty heartbreaking.


Not sure how I feel about the illustrations. It feels as though they're mainly there to make the book longer but are ultimately unnecessary. Nothing wrong with them. It just didn't feel as though they added anything.

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