BOOK RECOMMENDATION: The Vagabond King by James Campion Conway


Wow, wow, and wow. What a heavy book. I almost don’t know where to start. This is a powerful novel which had me hooked from the beginning. Finally! I’ve just finished a bad line up of terrible books and this was just what I needed. A novel with substance. Sometimes maybe too much substance. There were points where I didn’t exactly know what the narrator was talking about since his message could often get lost in so much purple prose, too much intellectual conjecture. I didn’t care though. Because I cared so much about this character and what he was going through. The Vagabond King touts itself as a “coming of age” story and, boy, does it ever nail that. Almost any American kid can empathize with the struggle to find their identity and place in the world while struggling with an irrational infatuation. I was right there with him. I was so impressed with this book that I was willing to forgive the typos, grammar, and tense issues. In the case of a book like this, these kinds of errors can even lend a shabby sort of charm. I loved it.


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