BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Sanguinary Longings by Claude Frazier


This is, without question, the best vampire book I’ve ever read, though admittedly I haven’t read a lot of them. I was just impressed with the unique take this novel had on what a “vampire” actually is. Like most vampire tales, their powers and limitations are adjusted to what’s needed in the story. For instance, these vampires are not undead and can be killed by ordinary weapons. They cannot change into bats or any other animal for that matter. They are closer to human than probably any other vampire novel out there, which is what makes the characters and their predicaments all the more engaging. Here they’re almost de-mystified. Their condition is treated clinically. Appropriate considering the main character is a doctor turned bloodsucker. (The author is a doctor as well apparently.)


Overall, this novel is very well-written, though typos appear in greater numbers towards the end. The story is so compelling, however, that these errors are easy to overlook and forgive. The author also did a great job of researching into the time period this novel takes place in (between the first and second world wars.) It makes for a more than interesting backdrop. Educational even.


If you’re a fan of vampire novels, please, give this one a try. I guarantee it’s far different than the rest.

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